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Welcome to Illius Media
I'm Oliwer Grevillius, 32 years old and the creator of this drink mix.
At my 14th summer I made my first web project ( and
it has since then been a very loved interest. Today I have made this into a business.
The name is Illius Media! Illius from my last name, Grevillius.
I produce Web services, apps and other things in information science.
Sometimes I also make design and takes some photos.

I have a swedish education in digital design,Tullangsskolan and
information Science from Orebro university ( years).

I do programming in: PHP, C#, asp.NET(C#), Javascript, VB6, Java, (X)HTML, CSS.
Database: MySQL, SQL-server. SEO: Yes! My best is Google PageRank 6.
I design in: Photoshop, Flash, Xara and some others.

If you want more information or hire me send an email from the contact page.

Special thanks to
Mikael Leonidsson, Anton Östman, Johanna Henning, Pia Grevillius,
All the models and developers involved in Illius Media, Teachers on Tullangsskolan, Orebro University
and of course all my friends!